Rebecca Poyurs | Yoga Teacher & Aromatherapist

Welcome, beautiful soul

so glad you found me …

I am a yoga teacher and aromatherapist based in Newton Abbot, Devon who is devoted to supporting people in getting the best from their yoga practice and themselves. I facilitate the space in which students can channel their energy towards transformative and life enhancing means and to make choices that reflect self-care and nourishment in the truth of the moment.

I offer weekly classes, regular immersions and seasonal wellness retreats that embody slow and meaningful movement for deeper inner connection, deep rest and relaxation for replenishing and restoring your energy, accessible meditation for clearer focus and healing breath work for optimal health and well being.

I am very grateful for the journey that has led me to this place and for the privilege of sharing this work with you all.

I so look forward to the time when our paths cross.

Rebecca X


There are many ways we can connect; join me for a weekly yoga class, book in for supportive private yoga sessions or enjoy an immersive yoga experience at one of my upcoming workshops or retreats.

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The ancient practices of yoga and aromatherapy have been integrated into my life for over 15 years and both have individually and collectively supported me through caring for and balancing my physical, emotional and mental health. 

As a qualified aromatherapist, I enjoy sharing the healing benefits of essential oils during my yoga classes with my own hand crafted aromatherapy blends from Revkah Aromatherapy.

Before every yoga class that I teach, I embrace the ritual of cleansing and clearing the space for the practice ahead. Through a combination of smudging, natural incense and my aromatherapy blends, each class has the added joy of giving you a unique sensory experience that supports and enhances your yoga practice, along with the benefits of breathing pure, cleansed air that is free from toxins.

Becs is a brilliant yoga teacher - she creates a safe space for you to relax & find peace within yourself. Her classes are like a small community where you can open your mind & your body and they have really helped me reconnect with myself & recognise the importance of ‘me’ time.
— Amanda B, Newton Abbot

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I feel so lucky to have found Becs! Apart from being a lovely person, Becs is a wonderful and wise yoga teacher.
Someone who pushes you in a gentle way to go deeper whilst giving you the option to choose child’s pose when you need to go easy on yourself.
Becs is highly experienced and makes each lesson a highlight of my week. I feel blessed to have her in my life.
— Ann S, Newton Abbot