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My journey through the holistic practice of yoga started as a way to help better manage my anxiety and mental health after moving to London from my hometown of South Africa in my early twenties.

This practice kept bringing me back home to my self and has become a deep and fulfilling lifelong journey of self acceptance and self kindness that I love to share with others is my community. This practice is my life work.


Inspired by my very first class at the beautiful Power Yoga Company in London, I have since dedicated my life to expanding and deepening my practice, first exploring the teachings with Shakti Power Yoga led by Valentina Candiani in 2014 with a 200 HR Yoga Alliance teacher training . Shortly after completing my training, I decided to pursue the strong calling within to immerse into the yoga community and moved away from the high end retail environment to became the studio manager and a yoga teacher at the beautiful studio that is Yoga West in West London. It is at this space where my understanding of both teaching yoga and running a yoga studio flourished and I enjoyed guiding a range of slow flow, vinyasa, beginner and pregnancy classes - as well as beginner courses and a range of yoga immersions and workshops.  

As my love and understanding of the yoga practice grew, I felt a strong urge to delve deeper into the ancient origins of yoga and decided to immerse into Yoga Philosophy with The Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies in 2016, which further strengthened both my own practice and my teaching. It was also at this time that I started to teach yoga in school environments and worked with Alice Blunden of Yoga Project UK and Yoga West to bring yoga into schools for both children and teachers.  

In 2017, I discovered the wonderful joy of pregnancy and felt a need to further understand and acknowledge the unique adaptations that are required both physically and emotionally during this time. I qualified as a Womb Yoga Teacher in yoga for pregnancy with Dr Uma Dinsmore-Tulli and it is with deep gratitude and reverence that I say with this guidance and deeper connection to myself, my pregnancy, birth of my son and post natal care were all an incredibly empowering experience.   

After 10 years in London and shortly after the birth of my son Marley in October 2017,  I have now relocated to Newton Abbot, and it is here that I am dedicated to creating a community where we can move, breathe, laugh and share in elevating our health, well-being and lives together.

Becs is one of the main reasons I fell in love with yoga. Her classes are challenging yet fun and she pushes you to progress in your practice. I’d highly recommend getting to her classes if you can. You will leave feeling motivated and inspired.
— Yasmin S, London

my teachings to you ... 

I offer classes that are devoted to creating a space in which you can channel your energy towards transformative and life enhancing means. This is done through intention, dedication, movement, conscious breath and sound that reflect self-care and nourishment for you in the truth of the moment.

I guide others from my own explorations and inspirations, sharing a blend of postures and anatomy, yoga philosophy, intuitive movement, breath work, meditation and self care tools. In all my classes you can expect these insights infused with intentional silence or music that moves me.

My hope is to offer you a nurturing space to enjoy a sense of calm amongst the chaos and an opportunity to create a deeper connection to yourself through honoring the physical and emotional space you may be in on a particular day. Whether dynamic or slow, beginner or restorative, I bring into the practice a reverence for cycles of our lives and encourage all students to practice with spontaneity by stepping into a potentially unknown space where all elements of ourselves can be welcomed and explored. 

I look forward to the time when our paths cross.


As you evolve in understanding your needs better through this practice, it opens up the space to access your deep inner wisdom & gives the chance for true health & well-being to flow in your body, mind & more easily in your life -

one serene breath at a time.