Aromatherapy is the ancient, holistic practice of using plant, flower, nut and root essential oils to aid and support many aspects of health as well as heal, balance and restore body and mind. Scent is also an extremely potent yet subtle instrument in this practice and it has long been known to have a positive and balancing effect on our nervous system, emotional system and on our overall well-being.    


harnessing the healing power of nature

As a qualified aromatherapist, I believe so deeply in harnessing the healing power of plants and nature to support and nurture us in this modern day of living. It is from this passion that Revkah Aromatherapy was born.

Through years of personal use and experience, I have passionately and mindfully created a collection of hand crafted essential oil blends, with each range uniquely scented and providing therapeutic benefits to bring well-being and balance to the body and mind.

All products are made only from pure essential oils, providing the aromatherapeutic benefits and making them kind to mind, body, soul and mother nature.

  • 100% plant- based pure grade essential oils are used & organic when possible

  • No nasties - 100% natural & free from palm oil, alcohol, parabens, sulphates & synthetic fragrances

  • Lovingly hand crafted from the heart by me in Devon, UK in made to order batches

hand crafted blends to bring well-being & balance

I purchased Goddess & Balance roller oils - the beautiful glass bottles make a nice addition to your dressing table and a perfect size to slip in your handbag. The oils smell amazing and the scent lasts well, I can’t wait to try the others in the range!
— Melanie Rees


Aromatherapy works in 2 ways - by absorption into the lungs when inhaled to stimulate the olfactory system and via the skin for the essential oils to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream when applied.

Through these applications, the therapeutic molecules within the essential oils can reach the part of the body that needs them whether through inhalation, massage, bath oils, room sprays and diffusers.

roller body oils

bath & body oils

aromatherapy sprays


the collection

My beautifully scented range of wellness aromatherapy products have been created for you to easily incorporate aromatherapy into your self care rituals, yoga practice and daily life.

Mindfully selected pure essential oils are blended in harmony to create a unique scent experience and to supporting you in bringing balance, reducing stress, evoking relaxation or energising.




A calming, relaxing and comforting blend to help you release from the day, wind down and drift off into a deep, soothing sleep.

Perfect to use during your evening yoga practice to help settle you into calm and stillness.




A mood and energy lifting blend created to use anytime you need to awaken and revive your senses & mind during the day.

The combination of these invigorating and fresh scents make it perfect to use during your morning yoga practice and to start the day feeling uplifted.




A deeply sensual, uplifting and healing feminine blend to harmonize emotions, lift your mood and embrace your inner goddess during the different phases of your cycles.




A fresh, stimulating and balancing blend of both calm and invigoration created to bring back a sense of equanimity when you feel either overwhelmed or experiencing fatigue. 




A sweet, purifying and grounding blend designed to assist ease of breath, as well as encourage self-awareness and deep focus to support clarity of mind.

An ideal blend to use if starting or engaged in a mediation practice and when studying, reading or working for a longer period of time.




A sweet, earthy blend to help you ground yourself, cleanse and clear stagnant energy and embrace warmth and comfort to support you when feeling fatigued. 


mat spray


A cleansing & refreshing blend designed to clean & restore your yoga mat  and to purify the space around you

Blended with the antiseptic and antiviral benefits of tea tree, the calming and cleansing properties of lavender and the antibacterial and fresh scent of lemongrass.

baba web.png



A deeply relaxing and sleepy blend of chamomile roman, lavender and tangerine helps little ones calm and unwind by creating a contented, tranquil atmosphere before bed.

Perfect to use for establishing a calming and relaxing bedtime routine before settling down for sleep.

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UK stockists

My aromatherapy blends are available to purchase in London at Yoga West, The Power Yoga Co. & The Hot Spot Yoga or in Devon at The Yoga Barn, North Devon and Newton Abbot Library.

Alternatively, blends can be purchased in the online shop or my yoga classes and workshops.