What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the ancient, holistic practice of using plant, flower and root essential oils to aid and support many aspects of health as well as heal, balance and restore body, mind and spirit. 
It has also long been known that certain scents can have a positive and balancing effect on our nervous system, emotional system and on our overall well-being.

This holistic therapy works in 2 ways - by absorption into the lungs when inhaled to stimulate the olfactory system and via the skin for the essential oils to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream when applied.

Through these applications, the therapeutic molecules within the essential oils can reach the part of the body that needs them whether through inhalation, massage, bath oils, room sprays and diffusers.


As a qualified aromatherapist, I believe so deeply in harnessing the healing power of plants and nature to support and nurture us in this modern day of living. Through years of personal use and experience, I have passionately created a collection of unique hand crafted essential oil blends, with each range mindfully blended to bring well-being and balance to the body and mind.

These essential oil blends are available in the following applications:




Aromatherapy sprays fill the space around you with pure, natural & fresh scent and are a wonderful supportive addition to your home or work place.

They are used to purify, enliven, calm or balance the atmosphere around you. This way, the oils are absorbed through the olfactory system into the lungs  by inhalation.


// Shake well, spritz yourself and the space around you. Inhale deeply.

// Shake well and pour into an oil burner to prolong scent in your space.


Roller Body Oil

Mindfully selected pure grade essential oils are blended with sweet almond oil to take aromatherapy wherever you go.

Our roller oils are used to help bring balance, reduce stress, evoke relaxation or energise by rolling the essential oil blend directly onto the body.
This way, the therapeutic molecules of the essential oils are effectively and easily absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the skin.


// Anoint pulse points throughout the day or before bed. Roll onto your wrists, temples, behind the ears, between the collarbones and inhale deeply.

// Roll oil onto your hands, rub them together to create warmth and then place your hands over your face. Inhale deeply, remove your hands and exhale deeply. Repeat at least 3 times.

// Roll oil onto your hands and indulge in a self-massage (or get someone to do it for you!)


Bath & Body Oil

Our Bath & Body Oils are a blend of essential oils with nourishing, softening and moisturising plant based oils, to be used as part of your bathing routine or as restorative massage oils.

This way, the oils are effectively and easily absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the skin.


// Pour teaspoon full into warm bath & swirl. Sit back, breathe deeply and relax.

// Pour small amount into hands to use as a daily overall body oil or as a targeted massage oil.

What blends are available?


A calming and soothing blend to help you release from the day, wind down and drift off into a deep sleep.


An uplifting and refreshing blend created to use anytime you need to awaken and revive your senses & mind during the day.


An invigorating and grounding blend to bring back a sense of equanimity when you feel either overwhelmed or experiencing fatigue.


A deeply sensual and balancing blend for women to harmonize emotions and uplift your mood during the different phases of your cycles.


A cleansing and clearing blend to help you ground yourself, remove stagnant energy and embrace warmth and comfort to support you when feeling fatigued. 


A blend for meditation and focus, designed to assist ease of breath and encourage self-awareness to support clarity of mind.


A deeply peaceful and soothing blend to help little ones calm and unwind by creating a contented, tranquil atmosphere before bed.


A cleansing & refreshing blend designed to clean & restore your yoga mat  and to purify the space around you.


8 ways to live with more Clarity


Create Space

Your mind is constantly processing everything that comes into your vision. If your home or work environment is cluttered, this can result in your mind feeling this way too. It’s difficult to cultivate clarity or live thoughtfully in a chaotic space so try clear your spaces weekly, with the intention to embrace simplicity and being surrounded by only what you need.

Enjoy Movement

Movement in any form helps alleviate stagnant energy held in the body and mind and is vital for our physical, mental and emotional strength. When we move, our heart race increases and our blood flows, brining fresh oxygen and nutrients to our body, brain and all our systems - all helping them function at their best and providing us with energy and clarity to live out our best life.

Join me for a calming and enlightening yoga practice on Sat 8 June, 10:00-13:00 at the Yoga Barn in the idyllic North Devon coast, to support you in learning how to tap into and trust your innate intuition so you are able to live more clearly and spaciously.

You will be guided through an exploration of slow, subtle but powerful yoga practices to free space throughout your body and direct focus on slowing down, drawing inward and connecting to your senses of smelling, feeling and hearing - all guiding you to move from the inner light of your intuition and creating the opportunity for true clarity to be found.

You can see more and book for this movement exploration here.

Embrace Rituals

Ritual - a set of fixed actions performed regularly

Creating personal rituals for ourselves can have a wonderful effect on gaining and maintaining clarity in our daily lives. It doesn’t take much to create a sacred ritual for yourself - perhaps meditation at midday to reset, spritzing your atmosphere with an essential oil spray, reading a book, a warm essential oil bath before bed at least once a week, heading to a regular yoga class - there are many rituals that can consistently help you clear stagnant energy and tense vibrations throughout your day. Find what works to nurture your self care and immerse yourself mindfully into the action.

Use Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has long been used and honoured throughout many cultures for their incredible abilities to cleanse and balance both within our bodies and in our environments. There are many ways to use essential oils and many of them are directly linked to clearing, grounding and uplifting.

I have mindfully created my own collection of hand crafted blends to enliven your senses and bring well-being and balance to your every day. In particular, my sweet & purifying blend CLARITY has been designed to support a more easeful breath, encourage focus and self-awareness and to bring clarity to mind. 

Eliminate Distractions

With technology being such an integral part of our lives, we can lose sight of how much of a distraction our phones, computers and TVs can really be. With the flash of a message or beep of the phone, our attention is diverted and with this happening consistently and constantly throughout the day, it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and ultimately, disconnected from life as it unfolds. Turn off notifications, set aside specific time where you check your emails, social media and messages and the rest of the time? Enjoy immersing and connecting to the world around you.

Be Quiet

In a world where we are confronted with busy schedules, bright colours, loud noises and overwhelming sensations, one of the most important things we can do to gain clarity is to be quiet. Carve out time daily to sit with yourself in silence without distraction - even just 5 minutes of meditation can support removing mental chatter and internal distractions and leave you feeling clearer.

Write It Out

Sometimes we just need to clear what is swirling in our minds by putting pen to paper. One of the best times to do this is first thing in the morning as your mind is not imprinted with happenings of the day. Before you check your phone, start attending to others and begin your day, sit down and let your thoughts out for 3 pages. Even if it feels like you have nothing to write, do it anyway. Our subconscious thoughts are sometimes just waiting to be released - they just need a prompt.

Challenge Your Thoughts

We can so easily be consumed by our thoughts, especially the ones that are telling us how and why we cannot do something. Challenge what you are feeding your mind and practice the ability to shift perspective. Consciously telling yourself the opposite of the destructive thought can help change your entire mindset.

Taking the time to notice, explore and nurture your inner environment to supportive your external environment is one of the most valuable things in helping to direct your life in a way that is authentic and true to you.

Enjoy the process. Take your time.

Welcoming winter with Warmth - celebrating the Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice is arriving this week on Fri 21 Dec- an annual planetary event that marks the longest night of the year. At the winter solstice, the balance of dark and light tips, and the sun begins a return trip that promises such good things as new life, new growth, increasing warmth, and those bright spring blossoms that always gladden the heart!

People have been celebrating the winter solstice for thousands of years—and yet, while these winter solstice traditions and rituals are diverse and unique, each is centered around the universal theme around light, warmth and renewal. 

I invite you to celebrate this seasonal cycle by creating your own personal rituals to mark the passing of darkness and the coming again of life-giving light. The winter solstice is a time of rebirth, a special window amongst the rush of the festive season to reflect on the year passed and to energise your body and mind and to activate your intentions for the new year ahead.

I will be sharing a special Winter Solstice yoga gathering on Fri 21 Dec, 19:00-21:30 at Highweek Village Hall where together, we will explore and combine dynamic movement to awaken our inner fire (agni) and create our own inner warmth, deep relaxation with restorative yoga, intention setting and a candle gazing meditation, helping to build a path that lights the way through the darkness of winter and guides you into spring.  You can read more about this and sign up here.


Here are a few of my healing rituals that help me to stop, reflect and completely embrace the beauty of winter. Enjoy finding yours that resonate with you.

  1. Invite the light in - lighting candles, especially ones filled with a comforting and seasonal scent, are a wonderful ritual to fill your home with more natural light, warmth and coziness.

  2. Set new intentions - intentions are little stepping stones that lead us like a compass toward our highest potential. An intention is the starting point of a dream - what makes the unconscious conscious. It is the creative power that fulfills our heart’s desires, be it career or relationships, money, personal or spiritual growth. Take the time to reflect on yours and consider how you too, can change direction with the new season and year.

  3. Observe nature - Wrap up warm and get out into the natural world. Observe how it has drawn in, let go of it’s outer layers and is embracing the need to rest and recharge but at the same time, is preparing to welcome in new life. Breathe it all in and attune to this natural rhythm within yourself too.

  4. Use essential oils - as an aromatherapist, essential oils are an important part of my self care rituals. Enjoy a long warm bath, use a room spray or diffuser and anoint pulse points throughout the day to enjoy the benefits and scents of winter oils such as orange, cinnamon, frankincense, pine, patchouli and clove. I have created a specially crafted aromatherapy blend to celebrate this time called WARMTH for you to enjoy.

  5. Enjoy this special time with family and friends - celebrating with those close to you is one of the best ways to nurture your soul. Enjoy nourishing practices together such a yoga, eating seasonal food and getting cosy on the sofa!

Wishing you a wonderful solstice and start to the new year.

With much light and warmth to you and yours,


How to create your own meditation practice

Many of us are searching for ways to find and feel harmony and balance within ourselves in what can sometimes feel like a constant rush through life. 
I thought it may be helpful to share a few tips for starting meditation - a practice that is proven to have uplifting benefits including improved attention and memory, better ability to respond calmly to situations and more curiosity for yourself and the world around you.    

You may find the idea of a meditation practice unfamiliar or a little daunting. Remember it does not have to be for long - it is more important to find a routine to be still and quiet, whether it be for 5 or 10 minutes a day and building on from there. 


Think  of your meditation as having 3 layers ... 

The first is becoming comfortable and taking your awareness within
The second is about moving your awareness to your inner environment, listening inwardly with contentment
Part three is your transition back into your outer environment after your meditation, continuing to keep a subtle awareness to listening inwardly as you move through your day. 

Be comfortable. Sit on a blanket or cushion so you allow the knees to drop below the hips as this helps to encourage length of the spine. 
Close your eyes, keeping a soft inner gaze. Lift up subtly and soften through the back of the heart space, shoulders and face.

Allow your breath to be spacious with no forced effort. Cultivate steadiness and ease through even inhales and exhales.
The Ujjayi breath is a good option to practice here. 

Just start sitting and breathing - don't overthink it.  It is OK and actually really wonderful to sit with yourself in silence and just listen in to your inner wisdom. Ask your body to teach you and take you on adventures with your deeper essence.
Start with 5 minutes once a day, gradually increasing to 10, 15 and so on.
The mind thinks - that is what it does! Remember this when you catch the mind wandering during meditation and allow what comes up to be present with no judgement, no questions.  
Just gently notice the mind has wandered, invite in curiosity and observation and anchor yourself back into the present moment by reconnecting to the sound and flow your breath. 
The more you practice this, the more you may find the mind starting to quieten as you turn your attention away from it's constant fluctuations.

Any time you allow yourself to be fully present, even for a moment, you are performing a sacred act of offering your attention to the mystery of being alive. 

I hope you find these to be helpful and will start or deepen your journey inward. 

My birth story

My birth story

Throughout my pregnancy, I had heard may different stories about birth from friends, colleagues and students. I can honestly say that not many of them were positive or empowering to the mother and were told with animosity and fear of sharing what had happened with the same line to complete the story every time - ''But you will be fine''

Aligning ourselves with the new season of spring

Aligning ourselves with the new season of spring

Is there anything more exciting than the first promise of spring? It’s in this season that life awakens from the cold, dreary days of winter, and the world slowly begins to warm and awaken - life begins its bloom. After the spring equinox arrives on the 20 March, the sun graces us with increasingly longer periods of illumination and we, too, are encouraged to lighten up, renew and awaken.