what is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the ancient, holistic practice of using plant, flower and root essential oils to aid and support many aspects of health as well as heal, balance and restore body, mind and spirit. 
It has also long been known that certain scents can have a positive and balancing effect on our nervous system, emotional system and on our overall well-being.

This holistic therapy works in 2 ways - by absorption into the lungs when inhaled to stimulate the olfactory system and via the skin for the essential oils to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream when applied.

Through these applications, the therapeutic molecules within the essential oils can reach the part of the body that needs them whether through inhalation, massage, bath oils, room sprays and diffusers.


As a qualified aromatherapist, I believe so deeply in harnessing the healing power of plants and nature to support and nurture us in this modern day of living. Through years of personal use and experience, I have passionately created a collection of unique hand crafted essential oil blends, with each range mindfully blended to bring well-being and balance to the body and mind.

These essential oil blends are available in the following applications:




Aromatherapy sprays fill the space around you with pure, natural & fresh scent and are a wonderful supportive addition to your home or work place.

They are used to purify, enliven, calm or balance the atmosphere around you. This way, the oils are absorbed through the olfactory system into the lungs  by inhalation.


// Shake well, spritz yourself and the space around you. Inhale deeply.

// Shake well and pour into an oil burner to prolong scent in your space.


Roller Body Oil

Mindfully selected pure grade essential oils are blended with sweet almond oil to take aromatherapy wherever you go.

Our roller oils are used to help bring balance, reduce stress, evoke relaxation or energise by rolling the essential oil blend directly onto the body.
This way, the therapeutic molecules of the essential oils are effectively and easily absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the skin.


// Anoint pulse points throughout the day or before bed. Roll onto your wrists, temples, behind the ears, between the collarbones and inhale deeply.

// Roll oil onto your hands, rub them together to create warmth and then place your hands over your face. Inhale deeply, remove your hands and exhale deeply. Repeat at least 3 times.

// Roll oil onto your hands and indulge in a self-massage (or get someone to do it for you!)


Bath & Body Oil

Our Bath & Body Oils are a blend of essential oils with nourishing, softening and moisturising plant based oils, to be used as part of your bathing routine or as restorative massage oils.

This way, the oils are effectively and easily absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the skin.


// Pour teaspoon full into warm bath & swirl. Sit back, breathe deeply and relax.

// Pour small amount into hands to use as a daily overall body oil or as a targeted massage oil.

What blends are available?


A calming and soothing blend to help you release from the day, wind down and drift off into a deep sleep.


An uplifting and refreshing blend created to use anytime you need to awaken and revive your senses & mind during the day.


An invigorating and grounding blend to bring back a sense of equanimity when you feel either overwhelmed or experiencing fatigue.


A deeply sensual and balancing blend for women to harmonize emotions and uplift your mood during the different phases of your cycles.


A cleansing and clearing blend to help you ground yourself, remove stagnant energy and embrace warmth and comfort to support you when feeling fatigued. 


A blend for meditation and focus, designed to assist ease of breath and encourage self-awareness to support clarity of mind.


A deeply peaceful and soothing blend to help little ones calm and unwind by creating a contented, tranquil atmosphere before bed.


A cleansing & refreshing blend designed to clean & restore your yoga mat  and to purify the space around you.