naturally clean & purify your yoga mat

When last did you clean your yoga mat?

A yoga mat is such a personal tool in the practice of yoga. It is your place to explore movement, breath and rest to nurture and enhance your well-being. Yet with regular use and over time, it is no surprise that your mat can build up dirt, oils and sweat - and sometimes a not so pleasant smell!

The truth is that our yoga mats are home to a number of viruses, bacteria, and germs. This is particularly the case if you are using yoga mats provided by the class you attend, where other students have been using them with no real guarantee that have been cleansed before your use. If you practice with your own mat and in a studio space, it is just as important to clean your mat too! Many other people are using the same space as you and even though you’re the only one on your mat, bacteria can transfer onto it from the floor.

Revkah Aromatherapy offers an all natural YOGA MAT SPRAY which has been mindfully created with 3 pure, essential oils to purify and restore your yoga mat, as well as provide mind, body and soul benefits.

Tea tree essential oil is used, which is one of the most powerful oils to kill fungus, bacteria, viruses and mould naturally. You will also find the antiviral, zesty and fresh oil of lemongrass and true lavender oil to invoke calm and relaxation. These are all blended in harmony with filtered water to create a uniquely scented antibacterial mat spray that it is safe to use for yoga mats, blocks, straps and other props.

Regularly cleaning your mat is an easy and calming ritual that also allows you to incorporate aromatherapy into your practice. Not only will you be keeping your mat clear from bacteria and smelling fresh, but you will feel calmer at the same time through aromatherapeutic benefits of the essential oils used.


- Shake well and spray 3-5 times over your mat pre and post practice. Allow the spritz to settle and breathe deeply.

- Wipe down mat with a clean microfibre cloth and allow a few minutes for your mat to air dry. This will ensure a safe and slip free practice when using before your class and prevent your mat being a damp host for germs when rolling up and packing away your mat.

How often you clean your mat is up to you, however it is best to consider a spraying and wiping down after every session, especially if using your mat in different spaces - it is cleansing for you and helps prolong your mat’s life too.

If you are unable to take your yoga mat to a public class and need to use another, the mat spray is easy to carry with you to spritz the yoga mat and wipe it clean before class.

Restore and refresh your yoga mat naturally with YOGA MAT SPRAY

Also available to purchase in London at The Power Yoga Company, Yoga West and The Hot Spot Yoga and in Devon at The Yoga Barn