support your autumnal well-being

  • Listen to your body and honour your needs. 

  • Feeling tired and worn thin is not a sign of weakness. Give yourself permission to do less and really take the time to replenish energy lost to come back to a space of ease. I offer weekly and monthly yoga classes that encourages you to do just this and am sharing a Yoga & Essential Oils for Women’s Health workshop on Sun 20 Oct.

  • Reduce technology use, especially first thing and last thing at night. Aim to not look at your phone/laptop for at least an hour after waking in the morning and aim to leave these outside of the room when going to bed. Pick up the latest Shelf Help book instead!

  • Stillness, quiet and calming breath at the beginning and end of the day can be very supportive. Sit tall, be comfortable and enjoy the process of drawing inward to your breath and to the inner land of your body and mind.

  • Get more sleep! Explore going to bed 30 minutes earlier each evening. We receive more rest before midnight rather than getting this in the morning. Use a SLEEP aromatherapy spray to welcome a deeply calming & relaxing scent into your space before you drift off.

  • Choose seasonal foods such as root vegetables and increase warming cooked foods. Bring on the soups, stews and hot cacoa! I would recommend following Cathy from Blossom Health Coaching for wonderful recipes and ideas around eating more mindfully and seasonally.

  • Massage your body and bathe with oils. My SLEEP & GODDESS aromatherapy blends come in moisturising and nourishing bath & body oils to support rest, rejuvenation and well-being and WARMTH is a beautiful blend to use to clear stagnant in energy within and around you and to feel uplifted as we move into the colder months.

From my heart to yours, Happy Autumn!

Rebecca x

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