Public yoga classes


Yoga connects us with our deeper essence, inner being and innate power with incredible benefits including vitality, physical and emotional balance and an overall sense of elevated health and well-being. 

My yoga classes offer you the opportunity to move through practices of focused awareness, breathing techniques and postures, where we can allow our nervous system to settle, our minds to slow down and our breath to lengthen and deepen. This all greatly supports the ability to anchor ourselves into the present moment, creating pathways to release tension, strengthen our body and to become deeply aware of how to truly nourish and nurture ourselves.

Becs is one of the main reasons I fell in love with yoga. Her classes are challenging yet fun, and she pushes you to progress in your practice. I’d highly recommend getting to her classes if you can. You will leave feeling motivated and inspired.
— Yasmin Say
Revkah Yoga Public yoga classes Newton Abbot Devon United Kingdom
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Slow Flow Yoga

My slow flow class allows you the opportunity to be guided through each pose slowly and mindfully, encouraging full presence and curiosity as the full practice unfolds for you. Designed to create a deeper inner connection and cultivate balance in the body and mind, this playful class explores a variety of strengthening poses for invigoration and longer held, restorative floor based poses to restore.

Enjoy an uplifting yoga practice that will ease you into the weekend, awakened to a new body and a fresh perspective. All levels are welcome and this class is suitable for beginners.


10:15 – 11:30

Please note there is no class on 24 Aug, 7 Sep & 21 Sep - see events page for other events that may be happening on these dates.



This * NEW CLASS * will be starting from Thursday 10 Oct.

Restorative Flow Yoga

My restorative flow class will allow you the opportunity to create space, ease and relaxation in the body and mind. Enjoy deeply nourishing poses, calming breath work and the space to embrace stillness and rest, all helping to prepare your for a peaceful nights' rest.

A beautiful and powerful way to let go of the demands and tensions of your day. All levels are welcome and this class is suitable for beginners.



Please note there is no class on Tues 27 Aug


19:30 - 20:45   

Please join for this monthly class on the following Fridays:

19 July, 9 Aug, 13 Sep, 11 Oct, 8 Nov, 13 Dec


Classes are held at Highweek Village Hall, Newton Abbot, TQ12 1QG

Free parking is available outside the hall.


£10 / drop in class

£45 / 5 classes (£9 per class/valid for 10 weeks)

£80 / 10 classes (£8 per class/valid for 20 weeks)

Becs was one of the first yoga teachers I felt connected to and I love her style - very soothing (even when she’s making you sweat) and just the right amount of spirit to make every class feel a bit magic. I basically want her to move in with me.
— Toni Jones


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All Revkah Yoga classes and workshops are a donation point for Red Box Project - a community-based non profit initiative which aims to support young women throughout their periods by providing red boxes filled with free period products to local schools.

In honour of supporting these young women in our community, please feel free to bring along sanitary towels with wings, tampons with applicator (regular or normal for both) and/or panties for ages 10-18 years old.

Every donation is very appreciated and can really make a difference to young women who simply cannot afford the products they need during their period.