Baba Bath and Massage Oil 50ml


Baba Bath and Massage Oil 50ml



This magical sleepy Baba Bath & Massage Oil helps ensure your little one settles into a peaceful, soothing sleep. A deeply relaxing blend of chamomile roman, lavender and tangerine helps them calm and unwind by creating a contented, tranquil atmosphere before bed.

Perfect for establishing a calming and relaxing bedtime routine by adding to bath and to massage before settling down for sleep. This blend of oils is also very nourishing for baba’s skin.

French Lavender - calming scent, soothing, balancing, aids a relaxed physical & mental state

Chamomile Roman - calming, relaxing, helps to alleviate stress, soothes irritability

Tangerine - calming effect, soothes agitated nerves, stress and tension, promotes healthy sleep

Jojoba oil - very nourishing oil for skin and scalp, high in Vitamin E

Calendula oil - a gentle soothing oil for all skin types which contains Vitamins A, B, D & E and has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Sweet Almond Oil - a wonderful rejuvenating oil high in Vitamins A and E. Suitable for all skin types and especially helps relieve dryness and itchiness.

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// Pour teaspoon full into warm bath & swirl

// Pour small amount into hands & gently massage baba from head to toe

// Useful to use to soothe diaper rash


// 100% natural & pure grade essential oils used

// Suitable from 2 months old

// Suitable to use when pregnant

// Do not take internally and avoid direct contact with eyes

// Recyclable glass bottle


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