Yogi's Collection

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Yogi's Collection


The ultimate collection for all yogis to support you in creating a calming and grounding yoga practice - whether you are a beginner or regular student of the practice of yoga, meditation and aromatherapy.

Within this collection you will find our aromatherapy blends CLARITY & MAT SPRAY, along with a soothing organic eye pillow.

CLARITY has been mindfully blended with grounding, calming and purifying essential oils to assist ease of breath, encourage focus and release tension - all helping to support and enhance your yoga and meditation practice.

MAT SPRAY is a blend of purifying and refreshing essential oils to cleanse and restore your yoga mat pre and post practice.

EYE PILLOWS are perfect for tired eyes and for promoting deep relaxation and rest. Our eye pillows are filled with organic lavender and rose for promote calm and are weighted with organic rice, allowing the pillow to mould to the contours of your face with a light pressure - blocking out light, relieving tension and calming the muscles around the eyes.

1 x 50 ml CLARITY spray to fill the atmosphere with a sweet and purifying scent, helping to prepare you for a calm and focused practice.

1 x 10ml CLARITY roller oil to anoint pulse points before, during and after practice.

1 x 50ml MAT spray to naturally clean and freshen your yoga mat pre and post practice.

1 x organic lavender & rose eye pillow to to encourage deep rest and release during savasana

There are 4 vibrant and unique fabric options to choose from.


Frankincense - the holy oil, slows & deepens the breath, soothing & uplifting for the mind, calming & peaceful for emotions, helpful if dwelling on past events

Bergamot - balancing for nervous system, refreshing, uplifting, rejuvenating, calming for emotions, used widely in perfumery

Patchouli - grounding, uplifting, enhances mood, used widely in perfumery
Eucalyptus - cooling effect, cleansing & stimulating for the lungs & sinuses,, antiviral 

Orange - calming, relaxing & regenerating, warming, balances mood & harmonizes feelings

Vanilla - uplifting for mood 


Lemongrass - uplifting,detoxifying, cleansing, antimicrobial, antibacterial

Tea tree - cleansing, antiseptic, antiviral, stimulating, purifying, powerful immuno-stimulant, enhances and potentiates the body’s defences

Lavender - calming scent, soothing, balancing, aids a relaxed physical & mental state

*Usual selling price if bought individually - £42

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Roller Oil

// Anoint pulse points such as your wrists, temples, behind the ears, between the collarbones . Breathe deeply and settle in.

// Roll oil onto hands, rub together to create warmth and place your hands gently over your face. Inhale deeply, remove your hands and exhale deeply. Repeat at least 3 times.

Aromatherapy Spray

// Shake well, spray atmosphere around you and inhale deeply. Settle into your yoga or meditation practice.

Eye Pillow

// Lay back and place pillow comfortably over the eyes for deep relaxation of the eyes, facial muscles and mind.


// 100% natural & pure therapeutic grade essential oils used

// No chemicals, parabens, sulphates or synthetic fragrances


// Please allow 2-4 working days for delivery within the UK

// Postage & Packaging is £4