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SAT 3 AUG, 10:15-11:30
BAKERS park, Totnes road, newton abbot, TQ12 1LP

£5 Per Person minimum donation for Women’s wellbeing club


What better way to start the weekend than to spend a Saturday morning doing yoga in the summer sun? Join me for Yoga in Bakers Park - an open and fun yoga session for all to join in!

This will be a donation class to raise money for the Womens Wellbeing Club in Newton Abbot - a group of volunteer women in Newton Abbot who hold the space for women to talk freely, honestly and in confidence with other women. A minimum £5 donation is suggested and ALL money raised will all be going to this great cause.

We all know the English weather though - weather permitting, we will meet at Bakers Park at the main central tree for 10:15 - keep an eye out for yogis! I suggest you like Revkah Yoga and mark that you will be attending this event as this is where I will be keeping you up to date closer to the day.
You do need to book in advance for the class and if you are bringing any friends or family along, please make sure they book their place too.

A wonderful way to practice in nature and a great opportunity to bring along friends and family that may feel a little intimidated to try yoga in a normal class environment. All levels, shapes and sizes are welcome! 
Please bring along your own mat and any props you may need (there will be a few mats available on a first come, first serve basis)

I hope to see you there and are looking forward to feeling the earth under our feet and the sun on our skin!

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Yoga for Women’s Health -


SUN 18 AUG, 10:30-13:00
Highweek Village Hall, Newton Abbot

TQ12 1QG



A warm invitation for all women to step away from the demands of daily life to slow down and fill up. This class is a chance to gather yourself in, replenish and balance your energy and to embrace deep, nurturing rest.

We will be exploring therapeutic and enlivening yoga practices to feel and nurture the feminine energy Shakti for hormonal balancing, female vitality, deep healing and personal empowerment. We will enjoy dance-like flows to feel and embrace our individual creativity, standing postures for grounding and feeling into our power and end with nurturing and comforting conscious rest to deeply settle into our intuitive and feminine being.

Any woman at any stage of her life is so welcome, allowing you to discover how to balance your physical & emotional well-being throughout your cycles and how to use the practice of yoga to nurture yourself in a more gentle and attentive way.

Throughout the workshop, we will also be using my personally crafted aromatherapy blend GODDESS to enhance and support our experience - a sweet, floral blend mindfully created to support women’s overall health and well-being.

Rebecca has been trained by Dr Uma Dinsmore-Tulli and is a Womb Yoga teacher. The practice of Womb Yoga enables us to access the inner guidance of our source wisdom so that we may more readily reside in well-being and peace with our experiences as women.

The invitation is to stay after class for tea, snacks and an opportunity to connect with other women in your community.


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All Revkah Yoga classes and workshops are a donation point for Red Box Project - a community-based non profit initiative which aims to support young women throughout their periods by providing red boxes filled with free period products to local schools.

In honour of supporting these young women in our community, please feel free to bring along sanitary towels with wings, tampons with applicator (regular or normal for both) and/or panties for ages 10-18 years old.

Every donation is very appreciated.


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Sat 21 sep, 10:00-13:00

EX34 8LN



You are warmly invited to a gentle, peaceful and nurturing yoga practice for inner and outer peace to celebrate International Peace Day.

Peace One Day is a non-profit organisation who encouraged the United Nations to adopt the first ever annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence on 21 September. Celebrations take place each year as a reminder that peace is a fundamental requirement for individual and global wellbeing. I am honoured to be collaborating with such an incredible organisation and The Yoga Barn to raise awareness of how we as individuals, can come together and create peace within ourselves, our homes and our communities.


Peace Day presents the opportunity to acknowledge that in order to work towards peace around us, the work really starts from within.

In yoga, there is the concept of Ahimsa - to cultivate non-violence and to abstain from causing hurt or harm. Ahimsa is gentleness and non injury, whether physical, mental or emotional towards ourselves and to all other living beings.

Being guided by ahimsa, this 3 hour immersive yoga journey will see us enjoying gentle movement, calming breath work, deep rest and healing meditation to purify our Heart Chakra - the energy centre associated to your deep bonds with other beings, your sense of caring and compassion and your feelings of self-love, generosity, kindness, and respect.

Through these practices, we will create a pathway for you to find and settle into deep inner peace in both body and mind and to welcome a more gentle, compassionate and loving nature toward ourselves and to those around us.

I hope to have you join for this special gathering, with the intention to think, speak and act in a more peaceful way. Everyone is welcome and no previous experience of yoga required.

So happy to be guiding this practice at one of my favourite spaces - THE YOGA BARN is one of the very first yoga, meditation and holistic therapies centres in North Devon, situated in a beautiful quaint coastal village. A wonderful opportunity to deepen your practice in a serene yoga dedicated space and to explore one of the most beautiful parts of Devon.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.