June Offerings


An Introduction to Yoga &

Revkah Aromatherapy

with essential oils

SAT 1 JUNE, 11:30-12:10

THE PADDOCK ROOM, Newton Abbot Wellbeing Show, Newton Abbot Racecourse, TQ12 3AF



Join yoga teacher and aromatherapist Rebecca Poyurs to learn more about increasing your physical, mental & emotional wellness with the support of yoga and essential oil blends from the Revkah Aromatherapy range. 

Yoga & Essential Oils are both simple & complex. 
They can be used for a specific intended purpose, yet can also add multiple aspects of healing to the body, mind, & spirit. Both have been used for physical, spiritual & emotional wellness for thousands of years across around the world. 

Yoga on the mat is a sacred space where we can shed our protective exterior and just be with ourselves in a deeply personal and healing way. 
Aromatherapy is the ancient art of using plant, flower and root essential oils to aid and support many aspects of health as well as heal, balance and restore. The use of essential when combined with the different practices of yoga, can assist in deepening & expanding our experience with our overall health and well-being.

In this introduction, we will explore slow and gentle movement, a short meditation as well as information and application of blended essentials oils from the Revkah Aromatherapy range. 

Absolutely everyone is welcome and no previous experience required. 

*This is a complimentary workshop at the The Newton Abbot Wellbeing Show

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The Journey Inward -

Yoga for Clarity

SAT 8 JUn, 10:00-13:00
The Yoga Barn, Lincombe, near illfracombe, north devon

£30 Per Person


A calming and enlightening blindfolded yoga and aromatherapy immersion in the idyllic North Devon coast to support you in learning how to tap into and trust your innate intuition so you are able to live more clearly and spaciously.

You will be guided through an exploration of slow, subtle but powerful yoga practices to free space throughout your body and direct focus on slowing down, drawing inward and connecting to your senses of smelling, feeling and hearing - all guiding you to move from the inner light of your intuition.

These deeply calming and sensual practices will take you into the journey of pratyahara - one of the eight limbs of yoga* and means to explore the full range of the senses, including the natural ability of of your senses to turn inwards and what that reveals.
This will prepare you for nurturing conscious rest to allow tension to dissipate and a quiet meditation to further still the mind and connect deeply to your intuitive being - all creating a serene space to embrace listening within for insights and inspiration that come from your inner wisdom.

To support and enhance our experience, we will be using my personally crafted Revkah Aromatherapy blend CLARITY - a sweet & purifying blend designed to assist ease of breath, encourage self awareness and enhance focus during yoga and meditation.

In a world where we are confronted with busy schedules, bright colours, loud noises, and dramatic sensations, this class presents a rare opportunity to be free from disturbances and will offer you a haven of silence to embrace mental clarity and deeper alignment with your true self.

Everyone is welcome.
Please book in advance and bring something to wear as a comfortable blindfold during the movement part of the workshop.
The Yoga Barn is one of the very first yoga, meditation and holistic therapies centres in North Devon, situated in a beautiful quaint coastal village. A wonderful opportunity to deepen your practice in a serene yoga dedicated space and to explore one of the most beautiful parts of Devon together after the class.

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You Are The Light -

A One Day Summer Solstice Retreat

SUN 23 JUn, 10:00-15:30
STATIon yard studios, Ashburton, tq13 7ef

£45 Per Person until 31 may

£50 thereafter


Join yoga teacher Revkah Yoga and life coach The Heartworker to nurture your self care with this heart-opening summer solstice mini retreat to help you embrace your inner light and shine more brightly.

This uplifting one day retreat will help you release what is holding you back so you can start to embrace and express your love for life more clearly. You will learn how to gracefully let go of the amour you put on daily to face the world and, instead, choose to tap into the adventure of life by drawing on the power of your inner light.

MORNING: 10:00 - 12:00

The morning will see you mindfully and playfully work with a heart-centred and gentle back bending yoga flow to open up and release tension in the upper back, the chest and the heart area - spaces that are so often rigid and restricted. Through movement, breath work and intention, this class will focus attention on exploring what holds you back and to support increasing your confidence and compassion as we free energy around the heart space, leaving you feeling lighter, more open and energised.

We will then settle into supportive, heart opening restorative poses, allowing us to connect deeply the effects of back bending on a more subtle level and by directing our attention inward to the inner light of our heart, to feel our vulnerabilities and above all, to respond to them with more kindness, compassion and love.

Throughout the class we will also be using the playful and uplifting aromatherapy blend LIGHT from Revkah Aromatherapy.

LUNCH: 12:00-13:15

You can bring a packed lunch to enjoy in the garden or take a short walk into Ashburton for a selection of places to eat.

AFTERNOON: 13:30-15:30

The afternoon will build on the nurturing yoga practice of the morning by focusing on three guiding keys that will help you to connect more powerfully with your inner light: Presence, curiosity and kindness. These three keys are a gentle guide to help you recognise what is essential in your life so you can move forward with a greater sense of clarity, purpose and lightness.

First, we will explore the power of presence through practicing the art of vulnerability and understanding what connects us at our deepest level.

Second, we will playfully explore the power of curiosity to tap into what lights us up and what gets in the way of our light.

Last but not least, we will explore the power of kindness through connecting with our heart’s infinite wisdom and compassion so we can truly know who we are at our core.

Join us for this truly uplifting and empowering day to help you remember that you are the light …


This mini retreat is a coming together of two transformational teachers: Rebecca Poyurs and Ann Skinner. Both are Devon based and have highly experienced international backgrounds in their respective fields of expertise.

Rebecca Poyurs is at the heart of Revkah Yoga and is a revered and much loved yoga teacher and aromatherapist. Her mission is to help her community bring out the best of themselves by offering yoga classes and workshops that are devoted to creating a space in which you can nurture your well-being and nourish your soul.

Ann Skinner, also known as The Heartworker, is a creative life coach, author, doodle artist, founder of The Heartworker’s Way and Author of The Art of Contribution. Ann offers coaching, courses and inspiration for those choosing to live a more meaningful and fully self-expressed life. All of Ann’s work is heart led and inspired by nature and the nature of things.

July Offerings

back bend .png

Opening your heart -

A back bending workshop

SAT 6 JUL, 13:15-15:15
Yoga West, 33-34 Westpoint, Warple Way, London, W3 0RG

£25 Per Person


Working mindfully and playfully, this class will offer you an opportunity to let go of the armour we put on every day to face the world and to support increasing your confidence, compassion and openness as we free energy around the heart space - leaving your body, mind and heart more open, receptive and energised. 

The spine is designed to be flexible allowing a greater and more fluid range of motion throughout the body, but for too many of us our current habits can cause the spine to become more rigid due to extended periods of sitting and a trend toward a more sedentary lifestyle.

Through a heart-centred, uplifting flow, we will open up and release tension in the upper back, the chest and the heart area as well as opening the hips to free and strengthen the spine. Using movement and intention, we will actively help counteract our everyday sitting posture and prepare to work gradually and mindfully through the different back bending techniques for Ustrasana (camel pose), Camatkarasana (wild thing pose) and into Urdva Dhanurasana (wheel pose), all presenting the opportunity to release what may be holding you back, feel lighter and to deepen your existing yoga practice.

We will then settle into heart opening restorative poses, allowing us to connect deeply to the effects of back bending on a more subtle and emotional level. In doing this, we will explore directing our attention inward to the heart to allow ourselves to feel our vulnerabilities and above all, how to respond to them with more kindness, compassion and love.

Whatever your level of flexibility or experience, this valuable workshop will give you the confidence to explore back bending and their uplifting benefits in a fun and informed way.

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Charity Donation Class -

Yoga & Picnic in Courtenay Park

SAT 13 JUL, 10:15-13:00
courtenay park, courtenay road, newton abbot, TQ12 2hd

£5 Per Person minimum donation for Women’s wellbeing club


What better way to start the weekend than to spend a Saturday morning doing yoga in the summer sun? 
Join me for Yoga and Picnic in Courtenay Park - an open and fun yoga session for all to join in and a 'bring to share' picnic to enjoy together after the class.

This will be a donation class to raise money for the Womens Wellbeing Club in Newton Abbot - a club for women to join to be able to talk freely and in confidence with other woman in similar situations. A minimum £5 donation is suggested and ALL money raised will all be going to this great cause.

We all know the English weather though - weather permitting, we will meet at Courtenay Park at the tree closest to the band stand for 10:15. I suggest you like Revkah Yoga and mark that you will be attending this event as this is where I will be keeping you up to date closer to the day.
You do need to book in advance for the class and if you are bringing any friends or family along, please make sure they book their place too.
Please feel free to join for both the class and the picnic or come along for either - no need to book if you are just coming along for the picnic.

A wonderful way to practice in nature and a great opportunity to bring along friends and family that may feel a little intimidated to try yoga in a normal class environment. All levels, shapes and sizes are welcome! 
Please bring along your own mat and any props you may need (there will be a few mats available on a first come, first serve basis)

I hope to see you there and are looking forward to feeling the earth under our feet and the sun on our skin!

goddess insta.png

Yoga for Women’s Health - Embrace your Goddess

with essential oils

SUN 21 JULY, 10:30-13:00
Highweek Village Hall, Newton Abbot

TQ12 1QG



In this 2.5 hour workshop, we will be exploring therapeutic and enlivening yoga practices to feel, nurture and build the feminine energy of Shakti for hormonal balancing, female vitality, self-respect and spiritual empowerment.

We will enjoy dance-like flows to feel and embrace our individual creativity, standing postures for grounding and feeling into our power and end with nurturing and comforting conscious rest to deeply settle into our intuitive and feminine being. Any woman at any stage of her life is so welcome, allowing you to discover how to give back to your health throughout the different cycles of your life and to nurture yourself in a more gentle and attentive way.

Throughout the workshop, we will also be using my personally crafted aromatherapy blend GODDESS to enhance and support our experience - a sweet, floral blend mindfully created to support women’s overall health and well-being.

Rebecca has been trained by Dr Uma Dinsmore-Tulli and is a Womb Yoga teacher. The practice of Womb Yoga enables us to access the inner guidance of our source wisdom so that we may more readily reside in well-being and peace with our experiences as women.

The invitation is to stay after class for tea, snacks and an opportunity to connect with other women in your community.