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This day and age sees so many of us with busy schedules, working longs hours and slowly depleting from sitting down or rushing around consistently. Allowing yourself the time to find space in the body, clarity in mind and to balance energetic needs is so important.

Yoga at work is a cost-effective, fun and nurturing way to give back to your employees and allows the convenience of the practice to come to you, whether before work, at lunchtime or after work.

By settling the mind and promoting a healthy body awareness, yoga is known to boost concentration and therefore productivity. Easing tension experienced in the body from long days sat at the desk and soothing busy minds, yoga can provide your employees with techniques which can be easy utilised within the work place and will help elevate personal, spiritual and professional growth. 
With stress-free flat rate fees, flexible scheduling options and full programme management, contact me to find out more or to book a trial session. 

Becs has been teaching us at our office for 8 months and we look forward to every single lesson. She has a wonderful way with people, which puts you at ease straightaway and instantly builds a connection.

She listens to what you want to work on in your practice and designs a fluid routine around it and encourages you to challenge yourself and your body with various poses and stretches that you never knew you could otherwise hold! 

I have discovered a new enjoyment of Yoga through Becs and I have been singing her praises ever since.
— Becky Warde l Eco Age

Revkah Yoga Yoga at work Newton Abbot Devon United Kingdom

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